We are officially Certified Naturally Grown for our farm. See Certificate at the bottom of this page.  The hogs and chickens are transitional for another 4 months due to our transition from a NON GMO feed supplement when grazing is slow to 100% organic. The cattle are always on pasture and hay fodder provided during winter when grass is dormant.

What does this mean to our customers?

Our farm is now certified as 100% chemical free, no pesticides/herbicides and naturally grown.

Our animals never receive growth hormones, steroids,or antibiotic injection if they are in the meat production cycle. If an animal has to receive antibiotics due to illness or injury it is removed from the food cycle.

How does our feed differ from other farms who pasture animals but are not certified? Many of these farms supplement their animal feeds from a variety of sources, grains (GMOs), animal byproducts. Quote from USDA website, http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/Products/AnimalFoodFeeds/IngredientsAdditives/default.htm

“Feed ingredients might include grains, milling byproducts, added vitamins, minerals, fats/oils, and other nutritional and energy sources. Animal feeds provide a practical outlet for plant and animal byproducts not suitable for human consumption. Legally, under the FFDCA any substance that is added to or is expected to become a component of animal food, either directly or indirectly, must be used in accordance with a food additive regulation unless it is generally recognized as safe for that use (GRAS). Approved food additives are listed in 21 CFR 573 and 579 and a partial listing of substances that are considered GRAS for an intended use are found in 21 CFR 582 and 584.”

These many other sources of feed used by farms not certified, excess or expired bread products, spoiled and out of date dairy products, spent grains from breweries and distilleries to name of few. Any of these sources can have GMO grains, herbicides, and pesticides in their products.

These products are cheaper to feed and in many cases free and is why non certified farms can provide products at lower costs to consumers, at a price.

Our animals cannot and never will receive any of these products.

We are happy to announce the farm is also in the final phase of Animal Welfare Approved certification. We have passed all inspections for the farm and are simply waiting for the organization to inspect our two chosen meat processing facilities. This certification will also include our “grassfed certification” This should be complete by the end of April. We want to thank our customers for their patience and patronage.

Thanks again,

Phillip and Dena.