We can get regular feeds, with Soy, if so desired, inquire for prices. Ingredient labels available on request.

We take credit/debit cards, 3% processing fee. Please bring your AG exempt card. If no AG card we must charge sales tax. PICK UP only.

We are located in Swink, Ok and are licensed retailers.

Please contact us if you have an interest in feeds not contaminated with chemical herbicides and pesticides. Remember, you are what you eat so if the animals consume chemicals so does your family.

We are gauging the market to determine stockage rates. Large orders require a prepayment.

We offer .50 cent per bag price break when an order is over 20 bags.

Yes, feed for horses, cattle, goats, and rabbits are available. Inquire for prices.

We thank you for considering us for clean, healthy feed.

All bags are 50lbs.

Oklahoma License # 78447112.



Scratch $20.50
Grower $27.46
Layer $25.72
Starter $32.42


Grower $27.15
Finisher $26.33
Sow $28.25

Alfalfa Pellets $16.20

Non Soy, Non GMO


Scratch $18.27
Grower $20.49
Layer $19.11
Starter $26.68


Grower $21.63
Finisher $19.53
Sow $22.40

Organic and Non GMO Feed

Oklahoma License # 78447112

We are professional farmers growing all of our produce and livestock organically.  Our endeavors to raise "clean" produce and livestock enlightened us to the difficulty of acquiring high quality organic feed.  We are happy to announce our affiliation with an Organic/NON GMO supplier.

With this in mind, we now offer an alternative to having farmers search high and low for a high quality alternative to commercial feeds grown contaminated with chemicals and GMO seeds.

We are a licensed resalers who do this with the needs of the farmer in mind.